Q-Life explores new ways in which information technologies can be designed and applied to enhance health and life quality for a wide range of individuals: in everyday life, in clinical settings and in other specific circumstances.

Our work is intrinsically multi-disciplinary, drawing on interaction research, design, psychological science, technology, innovation and social concerns. We work closely with many local organisations, for example those concerned with the needs of groups such as the elderly, the mentally or physically disabled, care organisations and companies, as well as many international collaborators.

We believe that without technology we are not human, and that information technology can change lives – for better and for worse. While some information technology has had a role in creating seemingly intractable and growing problems in modern society, appropriate technology also has a huge potential to improve such common conditions as stress, depression, loneliness, anxiety, age-related dementia, physical and social isolation, and self-destructive lifestyles.

We seek to make radical innovations that have a positive impact on the quality of life of the people who use them. And we promote and support user-led innovation to achieve that aim. We e are interested in how technology can be used to create life-enhancing experiences and ways of being: intellectual, emotional, practical, artistic, social and spiritual.

But what is Quality of Life?