elderly sELF-care based on sELF-check of health conditions and sELF-fitness at home

The project idea is to capitalize on the proven advantages of maintaining elderly physical fitness by developing a self-care ICT solution based on self- checking of health condition and fitness at home. We will create an autonomous fitness system for pre-frail elderly people aged over 65 years who are currently living independently at home. The system will provide a personalized fitness plan to motivate users by facilitating and simplifying access to fitness programs at home.

The proposed solution will also create awareness of the importance of self-care and daily activity. It will monitor the user’s activity life-style and propose changes if necessary. The system will empower end-users by preventing frailty, and reducing dependency and functional decline by doing fitness at home. This will help the elderly to stay independently at home and to deal autonomously with their activities of daily living.

The ELF@Home consortium has 3 Swedish, 3 Spanish and 3 German partners. The other Swedish partners are Skellefteå Kommun (who were also partners in the AGNES project) and Explizit AB (who are partners in the RICHARD project). The coordinator is CTIC based in Asturias, Spain.

The 3-year project has a total budget of about 2.6 million Euro, with a start date of June 2013. The official project website is here.